About Caitlin

As far back as I can remember, love of story and books grabbed me. I sat on the floor of the public library as a child, perused books, checked out as many as allowed—and of course, tucked away a book for a summer adventure. My mother always had a book in hand and read wherever she went—even with five children.

Along with reading was love of writing. I owned a pink diary with a brass key. Here, I revealed my secrets and dreams. Wrote poems and imagined stories. My deepest desire—to one day become an author and watch the magic of words unfold into story on a page.

Over and over, I watched my mother enter her stories in contests. Although she never won, in my eyes she did. Her example of persistence and passion was a gift. I believe, I am the luckiest gal in town to create stories for young readers.

As a child, I dabbled in piano for a brief period. Playing an instrument certainly did not come easy for me. Not until I was an adult, relishing in the enthusiasm of my classical violinist husband, did I begin serious piano lessons, add violin, and later join a beginner’s ensemble to brave the jitters.

When I taught elementary school, the lack of children’s books available on 19th century women classical composers surprised me. This, as well as pure delight in symphony concerts, inspired me to give voice to women passionately drawn to the arts.

Discovery of the unstoppable classical music composer Amy Beach led to my first picture book biography, PITCH PERFECT AND PERSISTENT! The Musical Debut of Amy Cheney Beach. No sooner had I started Amy Beach when I stumbled across the remarkable Florence Price. My second picture book biography, BEA BREAKS BARRIERS! How Florence Beatrice Price’s Music Triumphed Over Prejudice is forthcoming, October 29, 2024!